Welcome to Meadowlark Photography & Design

Our creative director Miss. Arianna Kalashnikov also lovingly known as Ari and many other pet names thanks to her father is also the owner and main photographer & graphic designer of Meadowlark Photography and Design. This is Ari, but we will let her take it from here –

Hey guys!! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop over here at my little corner of the internet. So where to begin? I feel a little nervous like I’m on a blind date and just meeting the person for the first time. I suppose we should get to know each other first! Hi, I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I consider my second homes to be split between Vladivostok, Russia & St. George, Utah. I have always loved art. My mom likes to joke that came out of the womb wielding a paint brush. While this seems slightly unlikely I am tempted to believe her. I got my first camera at around age ten and my first “grown up camera” the semester I graduated high school as an early graduation present. After high school I attended my local University and graduated with a BA in Fine arts with an emphasis in Photography, & Graphic Design with a minor in History (I know I’m a nerd.)

After that it has been all about Meadowlark

For the past five years I have consumed myself with learning more about my crafts. From getting certified in herbalism for Meadowlark Apothecary, to finding my niche in photography and graduating with my degree.

It can be so easy to compare yourself to everyone around you. Especially in the realm of creativity. I still catch myself thinking “Oh they are so much better than I am.” and a thousand other variations of the same sentiment. But I have come to this realization this past year. I am not everyone else. I never will be – I can only be me. And in realizing this and truly coming to believe it I have found my own creative self within my design work, but especially within my photography. A true clown and comiden at heart I live to make people laugh. The same is true for my pictures. I want to showcase real joy, and true happiness in my pictures, so if you hire me, just know that’s what you are signing up for.

If I had to describe my photography in a few words I would have to choose these few: Whimsical, Timeless, Joy, Elegance, Grace.

I’d love to think all of these emotions and themes that I try and recreate in my work all come organically from my own being. But alas, I am certain I am a child of influence. I grew up immersed in the classics, everything Jane Austen produced, Jane Eyre, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Love Comes Softly, stories, books, and movies all set in a time gone past. All of these have woven their way into my work in one way or another. This is what I want people to feel when I use the word timeless. I want to make people feel as though they have been transported in time when I take their picture. That they are the beautiful princess in the story. So that when they see their picture they see their beauty, beauty that is more than skin deep instead of just seeing their flaws.

So what do I do? I am so glad you asked – here is a list of the photos that I take. If they aren’t listed then I don’t specialize in them or don’t feel comfortable taking them. I will preface this list with the fact that I do in fact specialize and am certified in newborn & birth photography, as well as maternity and family photography. These are my bread and butter and my favorite aspects of photography.

Weddings: $1650 – $2050

Engagements $250

Couples $150 – 250

Maternity $250

Gender Reveal $100

Birth $650

Newborn $400

Family Sessions $400

Lifestyle Family $350

Senior Sessions $150

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me $100

Friend Groups / Graduation $100

Formal Headshots $75

I do have several bundles when it comes to both weddings/ elopements, and births.