Nervous Habit Diffuser Blend


+10 ML  Bottle

+100% Natural and Non-Toxic Ingredients

+ Ingredients List that you can pronounce

+ Handmade with Love from the Last Frontier

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Diffusing Essential Oils into the air is one of the easiest ways to joy the benefits of the oils.

Nervous habit? Yeah, we all have them. That’s what caused us to create nervous habit. To help combat those feelings of nervousness & anxiety we blended together oils to help calm & soothe the soul, & bottled them all up for you. Whether it’s a presentation you have to give, a big interview, the first day of school or a new job, flying in a plane or any number of reasons that have you feeling anxious, Nervous Habit has your back!!

Add 5 drops to your diffuser and sit back and relax.

We also have Nervous Habit in a roll on and CBD Bath Bomb.

Ingredients: A Blend of Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Yarrow, Spruce, Ylang Ylang, & Vetiver Essential Oils

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