Puppy Paws Beeswax Salve & Fur Babies Calming Oil


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We have to take care of our Fur Babies. Puppy Paws is our restorative salve to assist in healing dry and cracked paws. It also protects their little pads in cold weather. This salve has three kinds of butter and waxes to protection along with other oils to soothe and heal. For best results warm the salve up in your hands and massage into the pad.

Does your fur baby ever get anxious or scared? Say around the 4th of July or New Years with the fireworks, or going on a car ride? We have an autistic puppy who gets very anxious for various reasons. She is the reason we created Fur Babies. We have combined safe essential oils for Cats and Dogs along with EVOO to absorb in easily for a less greasy feel. We added Lavender its antibacterial, antispasmodic, calming and sedative properties making this oil a must for every home. Frankincense for its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory benefits. Along with Ylang Ylang to repel flying insects and kill bug larvae, along with relieving anxiety. For best results massage this oil on their ears and around their nose. We hope it helps your animals as much as it does ours.

Puppy Paws Ingredients: EVOO, Coconut Oil, EVOO infused with Lavender and Calendula, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Cocoa Butter, Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil,  Vitamin E Oil, and A Blend of Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium, and Vanilla Essential Oils

Fur Babies Calming Oil Ingredients:  EVOO, A Blend of Ylang Ylang, Juniper Berry, Copaiba, Lavender, Frankincense, and Cardamom Essential Oils

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