The Journey Begins // FAQs from all of you

Welcome Welcome!! (insert virtual hug) Sorry, I’m a hugger so I like to start out most interactions that way!! Thank you so much for taking the time to investigate our humble site & store. If you would like to know more about our story head on over to the Our Story page. In the future, I will go into much more detail about our story and how we got started but for now, I thought it would be best to go over some of your frequently asked questions when it comes to the making of our products. 

Q: “What brand of essential oils do you use/ do you buy essential oils from the drug store?”

A: We use the brands Doterra, Young Living, and White Sage Landing essential oils. All of these brands are certified organic and are extremely reputable brands. For those of you who haven’t heard about White Sage Landing, since they are a smaller brand I can explain some. They are personally my personal favorite essential oils, and it is where we get a majority of our oils. Additionally, they are where we find some of the more obscure, or rare and expensive essential oils. (I.E. pink lotus, violet leaf, nag champa, combova, white ginger lily, and orange blossom)  * we also do not recommend buying essential oils from the drug store as you have no way of knowing how they were processed and the quality of the oil. All three of these companies have extremely high-quality oils and are brands that we know, love, trust, and have used for many years ourselves. 

Q: “Where do you get your carrier oils”

A: we purchase our carrier oils from two sites. Plant guru (a company I found through a massage therapist friend of mine.  It is all she uses and she swears by them.) Their oils are very high quality and it is where we can find some more obscure oils and butter. The second site we buy from is Mountain Rose Herbs. Additionally, this is where we purchase all of our herbs. 

Q: How do I know what serum/night oil/ etc. line is right of me?

A: We have formulated each line to suit a specific skin type. For example

Mr. Clean = Acne Oily prone skin

Golden Daze = puffy or inflamed skin

Rose Gold = any skin type that needs an extra boost of glow

Serenity = redness prone or sensitive skin

Old Hollywood = Mature or sun damaged skin (or if you want to maintain that youthful glow)

Balancing Act = Combination of skin

Hippy Chic = Restorative for lizard-like dry skin, and helps to lift or lighten old scaring

Additionally, all of our lines match each other. For example – Mr. Clean is for oily acne prone skin in every line it is in. Serums, toners, night oils, and face masks!! We hope that these answers help you on your way to finding the product that is perfect for you or a loved one!! If you have any other questions please feel free to use our contact page and shoot us a text or email!!

xoxo – Ari

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